DVD workout schedule PLEASE HELP

I need help making a workout schedule using the following dvds
Jillian Micheal:
-Killer Body
-Killer Cardio
-Hard Body
-10 min Transformation (includes 5 different 10 min workout)
-Extreme Shed & Shred
PiYo Dvds
Please help me with a scehule


  • MegaMooseEsq
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    I don’t know those videos in specific and it’s hard to give advice without knowing your fitness goals, but here are some guidelines I’ve used in scheduling my own workouts over the last year:

    1) Don’t do high impact workouts on consecutive days (running, speed intervals, etc)
    2) Don’t do strength training workouts on consecutive days unless the workouts target different muscle groups
    3) Beginners should do three full-body strength training workouts a week. A 3-4 day upper/lower split is an acceptable but less effective alternative
    4) Aim for a half hour of cardio a day (including low intensity activities like walking)
    5) Include at least one rest day a week where any exercise is low intensity at most
    6) Start small and build in intensity and/or duration as your workouts get easier for you to complete

    I personally also include 1-2 agility focused workouts a week as well as daily flexibility/mobility work (yoga or stretching before bed), but that’s a little more targeted to my personal goals. Really, just find something you like doing and will keep doing, and do it!

    Good luck!
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    Most instructors list suggested dvd rotations on their websites. She doesn't have that available?
  • skinnyrev2b
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    Most instructors list suggested dvd rotations on their websites. She doesn't have that available?
    The Shred ones are meant as a complete 30 day program, but a little digging suggests doing them 6 days a week then resting. I don't know about the others, but I would suggest you look for variety of workouts and varying intensity within them as MMesq suggests (as alway MM, you're the Don!)

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    PiYo comes with a calendar. You might put the cardio in between, but it is a good plan on its own. Otherwise, just rotate the DVDs between strength and cardio, don't do the same body parts for strength on consecutive days. You really don't have to have a scheduled rotation that includes all of those DVDs at once.