Calories burned walking around Disney World



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    It's not non stop walking though. You said you looked online, but you didn't say how many calories your fitbit gave you. My Fitbit is pretty accurate (for 22k active steps I typically get a 1000 calories adjustment.. with some standing in line it would probably be closer to 600).
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    Hello everyone! My family took our first trip to Disney World last weekend which included walking around Magic Kingdom and Epcot. My fitbit recorded over 22,000 steps taken and 8.9 miles walked. I have looked online on several sites to get an estimate for calories burned but it just seems way too high, saying as much as 1500 burned. We loved going so much that we ended up purchasing season passes so we can go several times a month.

    I just wanted to get some advice about how to figure this all in. We packed and will be packing our own food every time so that we can weigh and record everything beforehand. We definitely did not pack enough food the first time and had to break down and split a few things in the evening. If we plan on going often I just want to make sure I am not horribly under or over eating at any point. So does 1500 calories seem a bit high for (leisurely) 8.9 miles (4'11 female, 157lbs) ? Thanks!

    That burn is a bit high. It's probably half that at most. Conventional wisdom used to say that you burned your body weight times 0.31 for each mile walked though a recent study concluded that walking burns more than that, probably on order of double the 0.31 number.

    This seems accurate given I only burn like 300 for walking 8 miles.

    Why is this a woo ...? :(
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    My Fitbit is very accurate for me. I get on average 18000 steps a day. I get a tdee around 3300 from Fitbit and I eat all of my earned calories back pretty much every day. I'm eating 2500 to 2800 calories a day to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week. I do absolutely no purposeful exercise this is all just work and daily living(neat).I would advise at least eating some if what you earn on those days because your body counts all activities even standing in line.