Looking for support!

Hi, everyone! Im new to MFP! I lost my mother 3 months ago due to comorbidities of poor health at the young age of 63. I was her primary care giver til the end (all while raising 2 small boys and continuing education for my masters) amd now its time for me to get my health together. Looking for friends on this journey of health, quality of life, and happiness.


  • L1zardQueen
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    Hi and welcome! I’m sorry for your loss <3<3
  • Monanne1515
    Monanne1515 Posts: 2 Member
    Thank you! ♡♡
  • CamilaVega97
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    Hi! I’m so sorry for your loss, I would love to join you on your weight loss journey!
  • Bubbaistrying
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    I am sorry for your loss!!! Welcome and you can do this!!!
  • Krylee23
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    Welcome to MFP! I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but happy that you're finally able to give your body the care and attention it deserves! :) Feel free to add me if you would like to help encourage each other.