How often do you switch up routines

I've been doing circuit training since I began my weightloss journey a little more than 7 months ago. I developed my plan with a trainer and it's worked really well. I lost weight and maintained muscle mass. I am at the end of my weight loss journey and got to thinking...circuits were great for my loss but if the main focus of them was to help with weightloss (which is really all calories in vs out), should I stop now? Are they not effective for mainly strength goals? My goals are shifting to building some muscle and just overall fitness. Just wondering if you completely changed your routine when your goals changed?

In case you need the stats?!
5'7 female
Circuits are upper body, lower body, core 4x and then another circuit that is similar. Three days a week, and I try to train whatever body parts that I miss during the circuits on the off days.


  • TavistockToad
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    Yes, I did insanity & p90x3 and then became a runner so training for races is my main focus now.
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    I change things up when my current training is no longer working for me. That could be because my goals change, because it wasn't a good fit for me to begin with, or because I get burned out. Sometimes because of time-management/scheduling issues or injuries, but those are more specific, not so much philosophical.

    Circuits can be effective. In most cases, they won't be as effective as a free-weight routine, but they can certainly work just fine if that's what you want to work with.
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    I change up my routine for a few reasons:
    1. not enjoying it anymore
    2. not making progress I was expecting/wanted
    3. injury that forces me to change

    switching up your routine often as in beach body programs is not required to make progress, and can actually be detrimental if your current program is working for you
  • MegaMooseEsq
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    I'm currently in the process of switching up my routine - I've been doing primarily body weight circuits/intervals all winter (which I switched to in the first place because I wanted to dip my toe into resistance training without having to buy anything, and also just to keep active but didn't want to run outside anymore because of the weather), but am switching to a progressive lifting program as soon as I figure out what program I want to start with. I'd say it's a combo of starting to lose interest in the circuits, wanting a more effective strength building/muscle maintenance program, and lifting seeming really cool with great health benefits. I'm still losing weight, but generally I've tried to keep exercise and weight-loss separate.
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    Currently running is my focus and doing maintenance lifting after bulking for 4 months. When I cut this will change to something different. So each time my goal changes which is 3 times a year I change my lifting routine, I am usually still running but my distances decrease depending which phase I am in, the amount of months in between allow me to keep things fresh without suffering boredom, burnout.
  • sardelsa
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    To be honest, I am always lifting matter what (unless I'm recovering from injury or childbirth).. if I'm bulking, cutting, maintaining, pregnant (with modifications as necessary).

    My routine does change slightly from time to time (the exercises change monthly but has the same template) but whatever I do is always in line with my goals, sometimes I add or take cardio away. Usually I always do yoga.
  • jessef593
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    I will be on my current program for the next 6 months. After that I will likely repeat it until I have reached a 400-450 wilks.

    My goals are primarily strength orientated, my programming reflects that and suits my goals perfectly. Change your routine as often as you change goals or if you hit a several month plateau
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    I have goals that I work toward ... mainly cycling goals, but this year I threw a running goal into the mix.
  • Lean59man
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    Certain basic moves I always do but switch up supplementary exercises (if I'm doing them) every couple months...or not.

  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    I don't ... I like to cycle, walk and I enjoy lifting weights. I have tried lots of other types of exercise but my heart didn't lie to them so I stick with what I do like.