Nightshift nurse life...starting back up

Hi there,
My name is Darcy and I'm a nightshift NeuroTrauma ICU Nurse. Had a bad start to the year so I fell off my workout train but imback on it. If your looking for a buddy to motivate you, swap recipes with, or just gripe... cuz let's face it, life is hard and work can make it harder... I'm that buddy. I'm not in it for weight loss but for wellbeing. Making sure I don't eat or drink emotionally, keep up my hydration, and do my 10-30 min moderate-high intensity workouts to burn off the stress and tension. Hit me up if u need a buddy


  • rwt1978
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    Ah.. night shift! I too am a night shifter, 7 p to 7 a. Nights are tough, always tired and always grazing.
  • quigs17832
    quigs17832 Posts: 24 Member
    Another creature of the night here.

    There are definitely some unique challenges to staying healthy and working overnight.

    On the good side though there are fewer people to bring you goodies and junk food. Lol
  • daveg13
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    Also a night shift nurse... I've been eating frozen meals to stay on track... easy to count the calories and macros!
  • janelleginnetto
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    I work nights in a steel foundry and find it tough to keep up with schooling, life, and workouts. I'm an online student which does help but some weeks I work 40 hours and some weeks I work 60 hours. It's tough staying on schedule but I try and move around as much as I can at work since believe it or not online schooling to me tends to be more time consuming than actual physical classes. Always looking for more friends.