Newly Commited to MFP! Looking for friendly peeps to enjoy the journey with :)


I am female, 25 years old, live alone with my cat, work an office job and go to school part time online for business. As of last week 2/21 I have committed myself to losing weight. I have always been a bit over weight, and last year I reached 200 lbs. (I am 5'8''), my highest ever weight. I started on 2/21 at 189 lbs. and am down to 183! My goal is around 140.

My plan for losing the weight is to restrict calories (1,500 or under), no food restrictions but try to do minimal grains and dairy, and work out 3 x per week. I joined some communities on reddit that have been really inspiring and along with the tools and community on MFP I think I can do this!!

Good luck to us all on our journeys!


  • Bebekat
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    Yes good luck to us all!

    My plan is to watch my calorie intake 1200 calories-1500 calories and to walk 2-5 miles everyday and row on the lake two or three times a week. Goal for March is to meet all my Apple Watch fitness goals everyday. I want to get this weight off!

    Go girl!!!
  • shabbygabbyyy
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    I’m trying to lose 30-40 pounds, we can motivate each other!! Feel free to add me!
  • david_8307
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    Great job on losing weight already! It’s definitely a journey!
  • Justn83
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    Hey :)
  • peachvine29
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    Well guys, I did it!

    1.5 years later and here are my results! I currently weigh 133 lbs., down from 183 when I made this post and from 200 at my highest weight. Still losing a few more but I am almost there.

    I already made a success post but just thought it'd be cool to update my first ever MFP post.

    Before (the bottom left pic was taken a couple days before this post):

    After (top two are most recent, bottom two are from early summer):
  • heyjude0225
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    Well done! I am new here as of yesterday so feel freee to add me and kick me in the *kitten* to motivate me!
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    Nice job! 😊
  • T1G3RBL00D
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    When i first read this i thought you said you live alone in your car, and i was like hey me too! Then i reread and saw it says cat, not car. I like cats, too. Add me if you want, I'm looking for new friends.
  • ro175
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    Awesome work! Feel free to add me
  • iJackieR711
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    I had recently deleted my MFP account but I’m back. Would like to add friends to keep me motivated.