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Hey! I’m 34, started off at 293 in 2015, and weighed in today at 217.2. My goal weight, for this year, is between 195-200. I’ve always been the bigger, more of a stocky build kind of guy, and losing weight has been a struggle. But, the last few years, I’ve had some success with not only changing the way I eat, but the mentality behind that change. I’d love for you to add me and let’s encourage one another! Thanks!


  • EvyJames
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    Hi it’s nice to meet you. I’m Evy. I’m new and hoping to find (and also be) encouraging and make friends along the way. Great job so far!
  • david_8307
    david_8307 Posts: 17 Member
    Hey, Evy! Great to meet you and thanks for the encouragement! Welcome to MFP. Glad you’re here.
  • Emerald_Warrior
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    Congrats on your success up to this point!