Low blood pressure with water whoosh

Does anyone else have this trouble? Now that I've lost 29 lbs, my BP is back to 100/50s, and with my last whoosh of 4 lbs over 3 days, I am so dizzy and nauseated. I've been craving salt and caffeine, which help but I have to eat a crazy amount of salt to make the dizziness go away. I have to drive my kids, so I need to be safe, but I don't want to be permanently swollen with extra water weight.

Does anyone else have this issue and what do you do? I still have 48 lbs to lose, so I have a feeling I'll be needing to deal with this again.


  • Maxxitt
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    What are you eating? And how much?
  • concordancia
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    I didn't check my blood pressure, but this feeling yesterday, which was day three of peeing like a waterfall. Have you tried getting a sugar free electrolyte supplement. I used NUUN all the time when I lived in Texas and think I might need to start getting it again.
  • I'm eating 1580 calories for a one lb per week loss at lightly active. I eat all my calories except for the last few days because I was nauseated.
  • Oh, the electrolyte idea is great! Thank you! It could be more than just low sodium, it's true.

    That's why I come here for help! Thanks!
  • crackpotbaby
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    If it’s water you need to maintain a blood pressure that doesn’t make you feel ill then it’s not ‘extra water weight’, is it?

    Talk to your doctor about ways to avoid such a big diuresis.

    Maybe even get some bloods done too. Check your kidney function and electrolytes to make sure there’s no dodgy bio chem reason your body is choosing to make so much urine that your fluid balance is all out of whack.