Warning: Girl stuff ahead
Guys probably won’t understand this, but...
I GOT MY PERIOD BACK! It’s been 435 days since I last had it. It was nice at first...but after 3 months I got a little confused. After 6 months I got sick with worry. After a year I started asking doctors and then made a plan to get it back. It involved gaining weight, which was so hard for me. Not many people like the idea of forcing weight on. The last couple of months I’ve felt fat, ugly, unwanted. I hid myself from friends and family, even skipping two days of college to hide in my house eating bread, crying about how I just wanted the bloody thing to come already!
The effects of not having a period were visible as much as they were invisible. Binge-eating from the weight loss that resulted in my period disappearing, spending lots of money on doctors and food, loss of libido, injuries, and hormone imbalance.
If you are struggling to regain your period, please share your story. Know there is hope. Take good care of your body and love yourself.


  • silviamartins
    silviamartins Posts: 32 Member
    I haven’t had my period in years, but it wasn’t to do with weight. I have too much testosterone, my only worry was trying to get pregnant and thankfully I was able too :) I’ve spent 16 years on birth control trying to regulate it, but I felt more unhealthy on the pill having a period than not having it.
  • latentspring
    latentspring Posts: 27 Member
    I also have the issue where it comes when it wants, because of my health. the other day, mine came, and it was less than 8 weeks from the start of the previous one.

    that’s the closest my periods have been together in two years.

    I cried so hard, hahaha.
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