UK Guy need to lose 57kg - needs others !

Hey i am looking for others on a weight loss journey i just started this week and feel very motivated ! I have lost a fair amount of weight in the past and it was so much easier with a group of like minded people ! Feel free to add me / discuss




  • dextersp68
    dextersp68 Posts: 8 Member
    Hi Engine. Congrats on getting started this week. How’s it going? Ive been at it for a while. Have 7 kgs to lose. Hard to keep up the. Momentum. I’m jumping rope and running everyday and watching my intake. Just isn’t budging. But not giving up.

    Here is a quote I live by “ Give yourself permission to be a beginner”. I found that wise for me. Jump into things and expect perfection from the start. Now enjoying being more relaxed and taking baby steps (with the exercise). Say hey if you want.
  • LoobyJLou
    LoobyJLou Posts: 36 Member
    Uk here too . I have boat loads of weight to lose and really need a bit of support and encouragement from others . Being in the same time zone helps ! Feel free to add me .