iPhone Steps Adjustment

I’m sorry if this has already been answered but it’s been bugging me years and I haven’t seen it addressed...

I have the iPhone steps counter linked to MFP so I get extra calories for steps taken. Great! Except for on days that I exercise. Then I get none. Even if the exercise is swimming for example. I know that it doesn’t actually affect my weight loss and that a 5k walk will burn the same calories regardless of whether I have swum that day or not etc I’m just curious as to why this is.

Anyone any ideas?


  • MostlyWater
    MostlyWater Posts: 4,294 Member
    might have to do with your battery. that app is hard on it.
  • gamerbabe14
    gamerbabe14 Posts: 876 Member
    Happens to me too. I have my activity level set to sedentary so I get credit for every step but any manual exercise I put in negates it. I assume that it's MFP unable to distinguish exercises like swimming vs running where your iPhone might be picking up steps. And rightly so, MFP doesn't want you to double dip.

    With that said, I usually just do miles x weight x .3 and enter a manual walking entry on days where I input exercise.