Celebrate the small Victories!

I have lost 15 lbs since beginning my commitment to this goal. It is only a small fraction of my total weight loss goal (190 lbs), but it feels good to be on the right track! Every little bit it another baby step towards what I want for my life.

Anyone else making little bits of progress that they still feel great about??


  • riverchick20
    riverchick20 Posts: 3 Member
    Well done !
  • jensacto
    jensacto Posts: 3 Member
    Great job! I'm down 30 and still have SO. MUCH. TO. GO. I sometimes get sad that I have to work so hard to get to the size I was depressed to be at 2 years ago. However, here I am, and I'm doing it!!! I am midway to my first goal today.