tracking religiously working so far - 39 yo female - 69kg want to be 60

Hi all seeking some friends on here - I've set my diary to 'share with friends' so please add me if you like :)

I went up to approx 78-79kg after the birth of my youngest who is now 10 - managed to lose nearly all of the extra weight and get back to about 63kg but then ballooned out after I finished breastfeeding, started work (stress) and generally fell off the wagon.

I started losing weight v slowly again about 5 weeks ago - a blessing in disguise was getting influenza B and not being able to eat for 2 days and feeling comfortable and not bloated from eating sugar, fat and carbs (I love chocolate!). After that I have worked back up to a weight loss diet that seems to go ok so far. The foods I eat are extremely healthy compared to so things I used to eat!

I am 169cm tall and currently weight about 69kg ( I started at approx 72 prior to getting ill about 5 weeks ago) - I want to get back down to 60kg as I was prior to kids. I am aiming to do this by 22 June (13 weeks). I have a very small frame for someone who is 169cm tall - so I need to be on the lower end of the healthy BMI range.

I feel so much healthier already and don't have that awful bloating from sugar/carbs. My joints are also less painful and so is my back (sporting injuries and lack of core strength). The only thing is that I do get quite hungry sometimes although this is getting better. I've been snacking on a few hazelnuts (and tracking this lol) and it helps. Also coffee with creamer helps.

I just wonder how long I can continue this tracking for? I am currently in a job that allows me to quickly do it during the day but after June I will be back in a job that is so demanding that I won't. I also swim during lunchtime and that will be a thing of the past. I can, however commit to 3 gym sessions a week and a walk on alternate days. I used to run a lot but my joints are not up to this as much these days so I try to power walk.

Falling off the wagon scares me but my health, at this age is very important. I do not like the feeling I get from eating junk food - the physical feeling that is. For some reason, I tend to want to overeat and be very full, which has led in the past to eating too much junk in between meals - yet I appreciate the light feeling from not being full all the time. Eating a healthy meal in a healthy portion size is so satisfying yet for some reason I have tended to overeat - even healthy dishes like pasta etc which quickly puts the weight on as we well know!

As I said earlier, feel free to add me :)