Down 4st in 7 weeks

staceyh8989 Posts: 34 Member
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So I am doing this for my boyfriend as he doesn’t have an account

He started of at 19.5 and is eating clean and going to the gym 3x a week doing treadmill, bike, weights he is now 15.2
He is still hoping to lose 1st but is doing so well iob2u60qpvu6.jpeg


  • amyteacake
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    I agree with the other comment here. 4st in 7 weeks is incredibly fast and not to mention pretty dangerous as well. He could be doing serious damage to his body. I understand that you're proud of him and he's quite proud of himself but that's an awful lot of weight to lose in such a short space of time.

    Please speak to him about it.
  • mayas135
    mayas135 Posts: 37 Member
    That's amazing!
  • DragonHasTheSapphire
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    I had to read it again to make sure I was interpreting this correctly. 8 pounds per week? That is extremely dangerous and can seriously end up damaging his metabolism and overall health. Since he is a male, the bare bones minimum is 1500 calories. With exercise, he'd need to eat even more--maybe 1700 for an estimate. I am happy that he has lost the weight, but when he starts eating normally again, the weight will justpack back on. Not all of it, but some will. I wouldn't want anyone to lose more than 1.5-2 lbs per week unless there'sa reason to lose more.
  • Matt151288mfp
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    That’s way to fast he will be losing muscle aswell as fat he needs to find his maintenance calories n drop them 10 to 20% get sufficient protein and fibre aswell as micronutrients to many ppl rush this process I was one of those ppl honest it’s true when it comes to fat loss slow and steady wins the race :) should be 1 to 2lb loss per week max but he’s still done good the hardest part is taking that first step so congrats to him
  • Falklang
    Falklang Posts: 220 Member
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    Hats off to him for making the decision to lose the weight, but wow 4 stone in 7 weeks :open_mouth: ? I thought my 1-3 pounds a week was fast! :D Perhaps get him to slow down a bit now?
  • SilverRose89
    SilverRose89 Posts: 447 Member
    That is an extremely fast rate of weight loss. He needs to be careful as this is how damage gets done. He will have undoubtedly lost more muscle mass than he would have ideally liked to there as well. I would strongly advise him to slow down.

    What has his daily calorie intake been, in order to lose 8lbs a week...?
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