Anyone else sedentary and low cals?

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I'm nearly 40 and female - sedentary job so very low cals unless I exercise and earn a few more. I don't exercise all that much in the scheme of things and in June this may drop further. Upshot is low cals for me in the forseeable future.

Anyone else on low cals with an open/to friends diary care to share and friend me?


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    I’m not especially sedentary as I walk 40 quick minutes most weekday mornings to walk my teenager to school (just for the sake of the walk) and then stay in my feet all day but only for housework, no digging or vigorous sweeping etc. my problem is in portions. I bought tiny plates, started cutting all foods in half etc but every other day I bread binge! I used to be SO DISCIPLINED and maintained 65kg for about four years with no problem....big health shock with my child and I lost my dietary mind. Have been struggling with yo-yo weight since then (six years). Now 46 years old and around 77 miserable kilograms. Every morning angelic, every night SATANIC!
    Even trained as a Weight Watchers coach last year hoping it would help...NUP! Got fatter than ever and felt I had to quit! HELP!!!
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    You sound like me! I was happily 61 for so long then bam! Stressful job, kids, family, house blah blah. Miserable approx 74-75. I just feel so coated in fat it's disgusting! I ended up back about 72 then went full on into calorie count mode and now down to 68. Badly want to lose this last 8 or so kg but it's so hard! And breads and pasta does it for me too!