Clothes Shopping

I have lost 6lbs so far and can feel a difference in my stomach. I have work trousers that are a bit big so the weekend I was like ok, time to get 1 new pair of trousers. Went into a shop to get the smaller size, which I used to be, and they were a solid 2 inches away from closing. Another pair in the same shop, same size closed on me but they were very tight. I just came out of the shop feeling horrible and fat, even though I'm losing weight.

It's just crap how womens clothes, the same size in the same shop can be such a massive difference


  • Kathryn247
    Kathryn247 Posts: 570 Member
    Yes, women's clothes sizing is crap. Great job losing the 6 pounds! I've found it's closer to 10 pounds to change a pants size, and if you're midway to your goal weight you might want to wear the baggy pants for a while. :smile:
  • SkimpyMrsCarter
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    Congrats on the six pound loss!
  • Jo25369
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    Thanks ladies! I felt so proud of myself losing the 6lbs but then after trying on 3 pairs of trousers, I felt like I hadn't lost anything leaving the shop and felt so defeated. Just gotta keep at it!
  • workinonit1956
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    I lost 15 pounds before I was able to go from a 12 jeans to a 10 (same brand). Don’t be discouraged, it will happen before you know it.
  • deathb4decaf
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    I know what you mean. I live in leggings because I can never find jeans that fit comfortably and I have no clue what size I am. It's frustrating but I'm not giving up! Also, congrats on the 6 lbs. I've just lost 7 lbs myself! :)
  • BZAH10
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    Do not let the craziness of clothing sizes get to you! You know you aren't in control of how any of the clothing manufacturers label their clothing so don't let that number on the tag affect your self-esteem. So not worth it. The size is nothing but a number.

    You've lost weight. Just try on pants until you find a flattering fit, regardless of what the tag says.