carb cycling- please share your wisdom

I am starting carb cycling tomorrow to help lose those last few stubborn pounds (20 lbs to be exact). If you follow carb cycling please share your dos and donts.

I run 2-3 times a week. Spin 2 days. I als strength tramin 5-6 days a week with one day of rest built in.


  • LolBroScience
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    It's an advanced method and most people don't implement it until they are fairly lean anyway.

    You probably don't need to do it....
  • degan2011
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    I am going to use carb cycling to help break my platue, Low carb days I plan to eat 50g or less high carb days no more than 150.

    HC days no more than 1800 cals
    LC days no less than 1200 cals

    I am starting tomorrow with LC days. Saturday or sunday will be my HC day.
  • SadFaerie
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    I'm carb cycling, but that's a very broad term and there are many way to cycle carbs, so I'm not quite sure what you're asking. You're welcome to friend me, I'll gladly tell you how AWFUL CC is (but damn effective, so hell, I'll suffer for the greater good).
  • Docmahi
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    its certainly effective - but like faerie said, its a super broad term.

    I will warn you though - it makes you super freaking wtfballs cranky (well at least it does to me)
  • lgomez75
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    Youre not kidding. Yesterday was day 1 for me and about meal 5 i choked because i was ripping everyone around me a new *kitten*. While i did have pizza i didnt stray too far from the set macros or cals. But today is lc2.... Uhm yay, ha!