How to increase your metabolism?

Plenty of articles out there on this - but I thought I'd ask the collective brains here - what can you do to preserve and increase your metabolism? Which of these do you think are correct/important:

-eat at least 1200 kj a day (or your minimum set by MFP)
-eat protein every meal
-do resistance training


  • SCoil123
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    Maintaining lean muscle mass helps you burn more.
  • AnnPT77
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    To preserve your metabolism, don't lose weight crazy fast.

    Even then, most of the effect is not through "metabolism" (resting metabolic rate, RMR), but through movement: Lose too fast, get fatigued, do less . . . possibly in subtle and nearly unnoticeable ways.

    Think about it:

    For most people, the biggest contributor to daily calorie burn is RMR. With weight loss, it inevitably decreases. It takes fewer calories to maintain a smaller body than it takes to maintain a bigger one: Less tissue to repair, less distance to circulate blood, lots of stuff. You can't do much to increase RMR, especially in the short run. (In the long run, building muscle has a small effect.)

    For most people, the second biggest contributor to daily calorie burn is routine daily life activity (non exercise activity thermogenesis, NEAT). It's what you burn on the job, doing household chores, doing non-exercise hobbies, etc. This you can affect, big time. Don't sit when you can stand, don't stand when you can move. Fidget (seriously, it can represent something in the low hundreds of calories per day, according to research). Always take the stairs. Park far from the building. Do home improvement projects instead of watching TV or internet surfing. Etc.

    There's one thread about NEAT improvement here:

    The last major contributor to daily calorie burn is exercise. For most people, it's smaller than either RMR or NEAT, and you know how to increase it, but doing so requires available time, and maybe self discipline.

    There are some other smaller contributors to daily calorie burn, but it's hard to wring much good out of them. It's going to be a small number of calories at best.

    If you want to burn more calories, your high-return bets are NEAT and exercise. Many people pay too little atterntion to NEAT, if you ask me.
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    Interesting replies, thanks guys. I am relieved to hear that it's not as complicated as some websites make it out to be. Eat less = less energy = burn less. And yes - 1200 calories lol not kilojoules!
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    Considering NEAT, how do some of you accomplish it better/amp it up if you have a desk job?
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    cjsy951 wrote: »
    Considering NEAT, how do some of you accomplish it better/amp it up if you have a desk job?

    I have a fairly active job, but those who have desk jobs have their own ways of getting more movement in: park farther away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, get up and walk for a few minutes if they can.