Yo Yo diet anyone? interesting link >>

Gotta love WebMD for their useful info:-


I WAS a yo yo dieter, for most of my late teens, 20's and 30's - I crashed a burned so many times - and I know I'm not alone either.

Something clicked when I happened upon MFP in 2012, I was totally fed up feeling fat/frumpy, having my fat spill over my jeans...it had to stop. This time was different. This time I realised I had to eat in a sustainable way. And it worked, because it wasn't a 'diet' with an end date.

I got educated through this app in macros and calories, once I figured out how many cals to consume to lose it was win win. It did take me a year to lose 20lbs but they're history, they have been since 2013 :smile: plus some more, when I lowered my goal weight range.

Anyhoo, this link arrived in my inbox this morning and I thought it was worth sharing.

Have a great day folks - keep on keeping on! or as we say here in not so sunny Northern Ireland - 'keep 'er lit' :smile:

Ruth <3