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60 lb to lose!

samcskelton Posts: 26 Member
I’m looking for friends to join me on my weight loss journey. Before pregnancy, I was an avid outdoors person. Being pregnant with severe complications, I was unable to ski and do my usual winter activities this year. Throughout the pregnancy, I put on 70 lb! (I don’t want to lose it all, because I somewhat like my butt and breasts I hope that’s not tmi) but I’m looking for a group of friends who can join me while I share my goals and experiences. Who’s in?!


  • glitterandsparkle8
    glitterandsparkle8 Posts: 34 Member
    Me !! I’m in Hun, it’s so nice to have friends to chat with who in the same boat. We all need some extra help and motivation.
  • arpithagboraiah
    arpithagboraiah Posts: 3 Member
    Hiii... I am in!!! I need company and the motivation too... My name is Arpitha. I am on a weight loss journey. I live in Illinois.
  • JoellMcalpin
    JoellMcalpin Posts: 4 Member
    edited March 2018
    Just getting back on track. I live in Alaska so the winters can be long I put on 20 pounds over the course of the winter. I’ve lost weight in the past so I know it can be done hard work and dedication is all it takes and I’m ready
  • Vampi3Vamp
    Vampi3Vamp Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in a similar boat as well. I'm a new mom & was wasn't expecting the pregnancy munchies to be as strong as they were. If I was to lose 60 lbs, I would be thrilled ♡ I'm in.
  • posbey
    posbey Posts: 200 Member
    Absolutely I just updated my account here. I am trying to get at least 60 pounds. I lost 35 last year. I know it goes better with accountability partners!
  • kverenat
    kverenat Posts: 31 Member
    Same here . 60+. I live in Chicago
  • times60
    times60 Posts: 204 Member
    Hi my name is Anna and I have 100lbs to loose so please add me. I love to have someone to chat and vent with
  • torid10
    torid10 Posts: 37 Member
    I'm Tori, 25 turning 26 his year. Feel free to add me! I'm working to lose 50-60lbs