Help with gym plan - 5 days, 60 minutes, running + strength


I need help with getting a gym plan.
I've done SL5X5, and it's fine ... but I changed gyms. The new one has racks, but no real safety bars for doing a chest press. And I suck at chest presses (mentally and physically). And the bench is all kinds of wrong for my height. It just doesn't work well.

There are awesome dumbbells though.

I've gotten into the running habit, and try to run 30 min a day. Or do some kind of cardio for 30 min. I'm signed up for some 5kms, and I've got a 10km in October. I alternate between one hard day and one easy day for the cardio. On the weekend I go for a long run outdoors.

I'd like to add in strength training with the dumbbells. Something that would take up the remaining 30 min. Something repetitive that I can grow with (like the 5X5). Something like 2-3 types of lifts that target one area each day.

Something that would assist with the running.

Any suggestions on such a plan?


  • quiksylver296
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    Do 5X5 and just do your chest presses with dumbbells?
  • gamesandgains
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    Just to make sure I understand, you're asking for a chest workout plan using dumbbells that fits inside a 30 min window, correct?
  • Vetticus_3
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    I'm asking for a strength training program that takes up 30 minutes, uses dumbbells, and should take up 5 days a week. Something that works well with running/cardio.

    Not 5X5. Not a chest only program.
  • RoxieDawn
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    You can look at the strength training/dumbbell routines provided in this link. I run and lift, but only a couple of days a week do I do it on the same day, for necessary recovery. So you will have to determine what will work for you since you are running 5 and lifting 5 days.
  • andreaen
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    How about alternating between running days and lifting days? Research backs up that as the best approach unless you can divide the two 30 minute sessions to morning and night for example.
  • steveko89
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    Most beginner weightlifting routines (like SL 5x5) are full body 3x/week programs based on linear progression. If you've not maxed out your linear progression capabilities going to a 5 day "bro-split" type program isn't going to be as effective. I would find/adapt a full body 3x/week program to do MWF and run on the days in between for best results.
  • MegaMooseEsq
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    I've been doing A Workout Routine's beginner workout (from the list @RoxieDawn linked above) for about a month and a half using adjustable dumbbells and enjoying it a lot. It's full body, three days a week, three lifts per workout, and takes about a half an hour to 40 minutes.