Grey noodles - japanese?

HI all - I bought some different noodles that come dry in a package similar to traditional Italian spaghetti but are grey in colour prior to cooking and seem more 'brittle' than regular pasta. Maybe they are 'soba' noodles?

I tried cooking them but they went gluggy and sloppy - anyone know how to successfully cook these?



  • xelsoo
    xelsoo Posts: 194 Member
    Does it not say anything in the packaging about the cooking time, or the name of the noodle type?

    If they are soba they are usually cooked between 5 and 8 minutes, try one first before draining them -they should be cooked through instead of al dente. Then it's important to rinse them thoroughly with cold water and give them a shake to remove excess starch and prevent the sogginess.

    Hope this helps (if they are indeed soba)! If they are rice noodles they usually have 2 minutes cooking time, but those are white-transparent and very thin so I don't think so.
  • shaumom
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    If not soba, could also be squid ink noodles, but I am unsure about cooking time.