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starting 30 day yoga + getting back to good ol' CICO!

kingbanditkingbandit Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
i guess i'm not really getting started on my fitness journey but this is the first time i've ever posted and i'm trying out something new! i wanted to hold myself accountable by putting it out there haha!
i've been losing weight for a while (i lost ~30 lbs last year! got down into just overweight instead of obese lmao) and kind of fell off a bit this year (not so much in quality of food thankfully, i just was AWFUL at logging and calorie counting). so i'm gonna try and log everything at least for the next 30 days and do yoga every day! i know the middle of the month is a weird time to start, but i'm motivated now, and you gotta start somewhere! ): i'm also really excited to take some before and after pics and see if i notice any major changes! i don't have a scale so who knows if i'll weigh less.
i'll obviously be doing some other things too, i do bodyweight workouts 2-3x a week, i'm probably going to be getting a more physically demanding job, and i may or may not join the kickboxing place near me, but i just think it'll be fun to see how my body changes over the course of a month and if i end up feeling stronger! :D


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