Struggling in re starting and keeping up with it??

I fell off the wagon big time sometime after New Years. I was on a steady pace in losing my weight and keeping up with my running program.

It got me to lose approx 18 pounds from Oct to mid jan, however I’ve gained it ALL back now!!! So now I’m at the weight I was last fall when I started my new phase.

So so so frustrated!!! How to get back on the wagon and stay with it without falling off months later? My goal is pretty big as in want to lose 65 pounds.


  • concordancia
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    Start at the beginning: commit to tracking all your food this week. Once you do that for a week straight, pick another goal to add on.

    Same with fitness. Commit to moving 10 minutes a day this week.

    You know you can do this!
  • MzManiak
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    Motivation can only get you started, it's habit and discipline that will keep you going. Everyone feels unmotivated sometimes... even bodybuilders and fitness coaches that do this for a living. So, maybe you break your goal up into smaller goals so you lose 10 pounds at a time, stopping to eat at maintenance for 2 weeks each time you reach a mini goal... or you do calendar goals instead: lose for 6 weeks, maintain for 2, repeat.

    Being in a group with supportive ladies has definitely helped me keep focused also. Surrounding myself with positive people who are focused on fitness and making it work day-to-day has been awesome!
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    Make your food diary the center of your program and you will never be off track again. A food diary is a thing to do. The only way to not do it is to decide not to. Oh, you may forget to log a meal or even a whole day. Just go back and fill it in as best you can. Don’t know how many calories in that dish? Do a bit of research, find something comparable, make a good faith estimate and keep going.

    And you will make mistakes: bad plans, loss of focus, misread menus, math mistakes. There are a lot of ways to go over your calorie number. But the process is more important than the number. Planning, execution, problem solving and tracking: those are weight loss skills. There’s a calorie counting learning curve. It’s a pain at first but it gets easier.

    And you can start right now, next thing you eat. Just log it in to MFP, put a number on it and keep going. You don't need to use the computer.
    I thought it was a pain. I spent years tracking with pen and paper. It worked. But this- track everything every day, good bad or ugly. Anybody can track their good days. You track them all. As long as you’re tracking, you’re working your program.

    Last- calculate a modest calorie deficit and try to hit your number. Try to find a livable downward trend. Whatever you do, you still have to live your life while doing it. Once you establish a trend, ride it. If needed make moderate adjustments until you get the scale moving down again. People wreck themselves over the time it takes to lose. When you have a working program you can live with, time will be on your side.
  • jgundz
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    I agree with @MzManiak, being in a group with similar interests and goals has helped me get back into good habits way more than anything else. Having people there to go to when your struggling can make an amazing difference!
  • mulecanter
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    Mutual support helps, join a challenge with team competition. It helps me and I am in your boat.
  • busyPK
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    First I have to ask why did you gain it all back? Not being rude or anything, but you need to address that as well. But back to your question - start logging your food and aim for 1lb per week. Don't grossly under eat as that tends to lead to binges. What helps me the most if having snacks and food on hand that will fit my calorie goals and having a fitness goal to work towards as well (running time). Don't beat yourself up over the past, start logging now and take it 1 day at a time. Hugs!