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    Thanks (again!), @sijomial. Went and read the article - very informative, with potential effects well-summarized. Of course, given the affordability of creatine, it makes sense to play around and see what fits.

    I'll start after next week on 18 g (0.3g/kg), and re-assess if there's digestive problems. I'll be away without a gym before that, so it makes sense to start when I will be actually able to get back to a workout schedule.

    Thank you also for the Bench tutorial rec. That woman is pretty much goals.

    Today was my upper hypertrophy day. First bench set was 30 kg (66 lb) * 10. Not the best, and it all went downhill from there, but I guess that's what you get when you're running on fumes, working 16 hrs+ and feeding night-time work sessions with alcohol. I'll get there though.

    Happy Friday! :smile:
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