A little confused on MFP

So I do the keto diet but I’m getting frustrated with the app.
I see the macro pie chart, numbers look good there. However when i click on Nutrition seems my numbers are off...like I’m short in protein and fat but from the pie chart, my numbers are on target.
So what do I follow? Pie chart or the numbers listed in Nutrition?
Thanks in advance!


  • kiwisandcoconuts
    kiwisandcoconuts Posts: 59 Member
    I'm going to be totally honest here. I love MFP but when I did keto I had to use another app. I know several people in my keto support groups who were perfectly happy using MFP to track everything but for me nothing ever added up correctly. Sorry I wasn't much help - hopefully someone else has some better insight! :smile:
  • kara_tastic
    kara_tastic Posts: 38 Member
    Thank you!