So this is what it's like to feel good.

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Hey all, so my loss so far has not been super significant. I'm still trying to break through that 10 lb barrier BUT.... For the first time this weekend, I really SAW change in my body. I've always been very aware of my body and how my clothes fit on me. If I was going out somewhere, chances are I've changed my clothes at least twice because I didn't like how they looked on me. When I would finally settle for something, I'd either catch my reflection in a mirror or a large window and notice that my tummy still sticks out and I get even more aware of my clothes being the wrong choice. I run into this just about every Friday because the 2 places I have to go have the large windows that show my reflection and despite how I know it will make me feel if I look, I look anyway . Well, it just so happened that this last Friday, as I was walking past and caught a glimpse, I noticed it wasn't as far out as I remembered and that my boobs actually seemed to be winning the race to be out further. I also only changed my clothes once this weekend and partially was because I felt the colors didn't mesh well and not because of how they looked on me. I would call that a success. = )


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    Me too! Keep up the good work.
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    That's great! The scale doesn't seem to accurately reflect how things are shrinking and shifting in my experience. I know exactly what a NSV it is to pull something out of the closet and just wear it, so way to go!
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    I know this feeling very well! Glad you've gotten more comfortable just doing you without having to change a million times :smile:.

    It gets even better :flowerforyou:!
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    Great job!