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Looking for suggestions for high protein dipper for soup

Hi! I make and eat soup almost every day for lunch and find it a great way to get filled up with veggies for not many calories. I love to dip bread or crackers in my soup (classy, right?), and am wondering if anyone knows of anything I can buy; or better, make; that is higher in protein than your average homemade wheat bread. (I am also adding more protein to the soups, but thought it would be fun to add protein to the dippers.)


  • DarianJP
    DarianJP Posts: 95 Member
    Pork rinds!
  • TeaBea
    TeaBea Posts: 14,517 Member
    edited April 2018
    These bagels are made with Greek much higher protein than regular bagels.
  • DX2JX2
    DX2JX2 Posts: 1,921 Member
    Chickpea fritters.
  • Cbean08
    Cbean08 Posts: 1,092 Member
    Chicken strips... kidding, kind of. What about falafel? You could make mini falafel balls and drop them in like goldfish crackers.
  • melissa6771
    melissa6771 Posts: 894 Member
    edited April 2018
    I was going to suggest the bagel recipe too, kind of. Look online for two ingredient dough, there are recipes to make garlic knots with it was well as breadsticks. I'm making cinnamon rolls with it this weekend and chicken pot pie with it for for dinners for the week. I make a pizza with it every weekend. It's awesome! And so versatile.

    Edited to add, the fage 0% Greek yogurt works best with this. And you can make your own self rising flour with flour kosher salt and baking powder. I make mine because I will only use King Arthur flour.
  • dsboohead
    dsboohead Posts: 1,899 Member
    TeaBea wrote: »
    These bagels are made with Greek much higher protein than regular bagels.

    I 2nd the motion!
  • lynn_glenmont
    lynn_glenmont Posts: 10,036 Member
    Those "crackers" that are really just cheese (usually parmesan, although I think I've seen them with asiago, too) that has been baked in thin layers like crackers. Not sure how they'd hold up under dipping, but seems it would be worth a try.

    There are also snack foods (some shaped like chips/crisps and some shaped more like Cheetos) that are made from legumes. Or you could make your own crackers using garbanzo bean flour.

    Maybe you could look at savory enriched dough recipes (enriched in the baker's sense -- with milk and egg, not in the government regulatory sense with added vitamins) to see what that does to the protein content. It's not a type of dough I have a lot of experience making, otherwise I would check the protein count on a recipe in my MFP recipe box.

    Or you could tweak a recipe for homemade protein bars to make it savory (kill the sweeteners and any sweet add-ins like chocolate, use a plain protein powder, then add some cheese powder or grated cheese and whatever herbs and spices suit your fancy).