Fruit (mangoes in this case) is my undoing

Hi all - I'm just coming off some great successful loss - about 20 lbs over just over 2 months. I feel fantastic and stronger than I have in years.

The thing is, I have another 10 lb to go - and by all accounts this last 10lb is the hardest, so there's that. But, here in China where I am living for now, they have these wonderful, sweet, creamy, juicy mangoes that have barely any seed (it's, like less than 1/4 inch thick) and no stringyness. They are as good as our bowen mangoes at home but about 1/5 the price.

My kids love them but won't eat them off the skin or from the seed. So I've been doing that. But looking into how much I am actually eating, I am getting like about 200g of flesh and juice just by eating around the seeds and from the skin after I take most of it off for my kids (they are small mangoes and they'll eat like 6 or so in one go). I'm sure it's contributed to this last 10lb being so hard to shift!

Sigh! I also love pineapple and it's cheap and easy to get here as well.

Any comments on fruit as candy? What others are also really bad? Banana?

I think strawberries and kiwi are actually pretty economical on sugar and calories?


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    Well, 200g of mango is only about 120-150 cal, depending on which database you believe, so it can't be all that bad. Just leave some extra room for it in the rest of your diet. There are far, far worse things you could be overindulging in.

    Although I have to say, that sounds like a large overestimate. 200g is around the weight of a whole medium-sized mango. It's hard to believe you're getting that much from the leftovers on small ones.
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    I know - but I actually weighed the skins and seeds before and after I ate the remaining flesh. 20g off a seed and 10g skins - 30g per mango and if you eat 6 or 7 then you are at 200g.

    I agree though that there are worse things out there. :) Maybe it really is the 'last 10lb' thing that is making it so much harder these days.
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    It's true that you have to be much tighter with your logging once you're down to the last 10, but if it were me I'd make room for the mango. They sound wonderful!
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    No fruit is bad.

    Are you weighing and logging your food? It doesn't sound like you are.

    Weight loss comes down to having a calorie deficit. It's not about certain foods or macros.
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    Log what you eat.
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    Lounmoun wrote: »
    Log what you eat.

    and weigh