Looking for friends that enjoy working out.



  • yep add me too! I don't know if I'm going to the gym too much 5x a week!?
  • JenniTheVeggie
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    I do. Wow....never thought I would say that.
  • poesch77
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    I LOVE working out BUT I also LOVE food. ***le sigh :sad:
  • jeffsweightloss
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    enjoy working out also. bought a spin bike..and love it. lift weights usually 4 days a week. eat food...7 days a week. lol did a round of p90x. felt great after that. it's a journey...and enjoying every step of the way. working on the eating more now than ever. so hopefully I can put it all together to get in the best shape of my life. best wishes along your journey. good friends and support are always welcome.
  • Also looking for friends! I am a Spin and Pilates instructor :) so LOVE working out. Yet, like everyone else on here I am trying to lose weight to live a healthier lifestyle through NUTRITION. Message and/or friend me! Kate
  • I'm not a big clean eater, but I love working out, quite relaxing - takes away the stress
  • My name is Mali. & I work out. Haha add me!
  • dchief30
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    you can add me I excrise at least 4 times a week