Bad few weeks

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So I'm coming off of some bad weeks (the end of school, eating little, not healthy) which resulted in a lower weight. I then followed that with decent food choices during the week last week, consistent working out, and only "ok" food choices this past weekend and the one prior. School is over, stress levels are lower, celebratory weekends are over, and I'm easing back into my lifestyle prior to school hell weeks.

I've gained like 6lbs or so since like 5/2. Is this normal? Is it just the result of a couple bad weekends and starting to eat normal again? I've never gone up more than a few at a time, so this is a little shocking.


  • serindipte
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    Likely water weight. It'll come back off :smile:
  • NovusDies
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    What @serindipte said. It is probably water weight especially if some of the celebrations involved alcohol. For some people it dehydrates them for others like me it makes us retain.

    The other thing I have found when my eating has gone through some different phases is that my other bathroom cycles can be a little erratic so you could be "backed up" a little too.