Pickled Eggs

fdhunt1 Posts: 222 Member
Anyone have a killer pickled egg recipe they would be willing to share?


  • psychod787
    psychod787 Posts: 4,088 Member
    Check out the buff dudes on you tube. They use the juice from an empty jar of jalapeno peppers.
  • Crafty_camper123
    Crafty_camper123 Posts: 1,440 Member
    I just recently used an empty jar of pickles. To the juice I added garlic, onion, crucsed red pepper, dill, caraway, and mustard seed. I added my hard boiled eggs and let them steep for about 3 dys before cracking into them.
  • beadfiend
    beadfiend Posts: 2 Member
    Pickled beet juice, that's if you like pickled beets.
  • phyliciahaartje
    phyliciahaartje Posts: 4 Member
    Second the pickled beet juice. It's perfect