Fitbit One users

I got my fitbit one yesterday but I don't completely understand it. How do I make it tell how many calories I burned in Zumba, Yoga (I will be going there in awhile)?? I finally got it linked to myfitnesspal but it doesn't seem to show up when I sync does show up on the fitbit website though so, am I wrong in thinking it's supposed to show up on myfitnesspal, man am I feeling really dumb right now..........


  • coppertop_4
    coppertop_4 Posts: 258 Member
    If you linked the two together, it should sync. It will log your steps and they will show up as exercise on MFP but ONLY when you sync it with your phone or computer. It won't automatically do it. My gadget shows 904 steps this morning but it won't show on MFP until I click on the app on my phone, let it sync, and then it will update eventually. (Sometimes takes all day which bugs me!)
  • supergirlpw
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    Yep. Link with your phone, then it sends it to the computer. I got one of these a week ago too and LOVE it! However, I prefer to take it off during workouts and use my heart rate monitor for the intense stuff, then I manually enter that into myfitnesspal. So far, it's working great! I find myself taking the stairs at work for extra credit now!