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Hello all!

My name is Mia, I am 28 years old. I have a weight loss goal of 75lbs. The reason I have joined this website is because I want my life to change pretty much. I have spent years saying I want to lose weight, but not doing too much to make that actually happen. I will exercise no problem, but I never pay too much attention to the food that I am consuming. Because of this, I have failed miserably in terms of lifelong weight loss.

So, for now, my main focus is making sure I am eating right. This will be my biggest challenge as I have a huge sweet tooth AND have a strong relationship with pizza... totally a guilty fat person here. I plan to cut out sugar as much as I can and stop eating dairy products all together. Any tips for cutting out sugar?

I hope to make some friends while on my journey. I would love to find someone to compete with and/or work together with.


  • Lutielu
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    I’d say preplan for the inevitable sugar cravings. I’ve taken to always carrying gum with me. Also watch for hidden sugars! Breads are extraordinarily sneaky