Need motivation for the end of my journey!

I am really slacking on motivation the last week and need some encouragement!! I am 1 lb from my first goal and 6 from my 2nd and while that should make me more focused instead it is making me slack off. Any tips to stay focused??? I am so close and it’s making me mad at myself for not hitting it yet!


  • navdeeprana
    navdeeprana Posts: 473 Member
    Its a mind game just be patient, you are doing great. Stay Strong.
  • chrisahubbard
    chrisahubbard Posts: 201 Member
    Don’t think about the end of your journey......think about the beginning of your success story!
  • melto1989
    melto1989 Posts: 140 Member
    Conquer your daily goals ! Set out to do 1 thing at a time and maybe that will help. In saying that i need to listen to my own encouragement haha
  • jennacole12
    jennacole12 Posts: 1,167 Member
    Thank you all!! I’m going to stay focused!! Ughh