Help Reading a Label

Hello all!

We had ribs for dinner tonight, but I'm struggling with counting it correctly. I'm attaching a picture of the nutritional information on the box.


My husband and I split the package, so each had half. I would have expected my portion to be 445 calories (990 for the whole package, divided by two).

However, I weighed my portion of ribs before I ate them and it weighed 205g. I then weighed the bones when I was done and they were 100g even. So the actual edible portion was 105g.

Does that seem right? So, my 1/2 rack was actually less than that estimate 1/3 to be at 160g. If that's the case, my portion (105g) was 217 calories which seems low.



  • Davidsdottir
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    That's what happens with packaged food. Use the grams you weighed.
  • Cherimoose
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    19 grams of sugar in ribs? Must have been good!
  • go52182
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    I would take all of the numbers and multiply them by three. Take those numbers and divide them by half. So for the calories for example: 330 x 3 = 990. 990 / 2 = 495 Your portion for calories was 495.
  • snickerscharlie
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    When in doubt, estimate on the high side. :)
  • NovusDies
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    With calories if it seems to good to be true it almost always is. By weight your portion is 423 calories.

    ETA: If you didn't weigh your husband's portion to see if he got 275ish you may still want to record the entire half at 495.
  • Seffell
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    Were the ribs sold raw or cooked? If raw - the given weight would be for the raw meat which has more water.