I began anew with MyFitnessPal January 4, 2018, or exactly 5 months ago. I have lost 40 lbs, with another 50 to go before I can consider maintenance level. So, I am not half way yet. My biggest obstacle is impatience! I have to fight the "I want it now", instant gratification syndrome. I keep reminding myself of truths that I know. Like, losing one to two lbs a week is the safe, and healthy way. I also do self-talk, like slow and steady wins the race, like it is about lifestyle change, and making healthy choices, and being PATIENT for it to happen. I hope these thoughts helps someone else!! Have a great week being committed to MYFITNESSPAL


  • TheMrWobbly
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    Back at ya! It took time to put it on, it takes even longer to get it off. Re-starting again after losing the will a few weeks in each time. I have a good group around me know so here's hoping!
  • rachelannette
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    Slow and steady will win the race! Rooting for you to be very satisfied and successful this time around
  • Stockholm_Andy
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    Good Post and a great attitude. Always remember you didn't gain the weight overnight and you won't loose it over night. However, you CAN loose it with dedication and persistence.

  • VUA21
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    Yep! I did this for 2 years, dropped 170lbs. Maintained for about a year to let skin catch up as best it can. Now I'm back to lose another 20lbs. (5lbs down, 15 to go)