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Hello am 28 years old, am a nurse in the last year I got hire as a 12 hours night shift nurse. Before I was so use to waking up early 4am get to the gym do my own thing and go to work at 0700 but now is like I really don't know what to do. I do enjoy a lot the energy that exercise give me and I have fun training, but is like I really don't know if working out when am out of my shift at 0800 would work better or before I go to work( before 7pm). I think I lost the motivation. Any help of what to do.
Thanks in advance.


  • jrowden0711
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    Hello! Fellow night shift nurse here! I would try to work out before work like you did on days. I tried to work out after work and felt so nauseous that I knew my work out suffered. Plus, working out tends to give me energy so it really affected my sleep. That's why I prefer to workout prior to going to work.
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    Are you a morning person or a night owl? I personally prefer working out after work rather than prior. A 12-hour shift is pretty brutal, I suspect that working out prior would lead to fewer "I'm too tired to workout" days. Nurses are unsung heroes, bravo!
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    I'd say before work. When I do night shifts my energy and attention are seriously winding down by 0800. I try to make at least one of those days my "off day" for purposeful workouts - I'm still getting (a lot) of steps in, but I don't feel pressured to shoehorn in even more.
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    So I was not a nurse but I did work a 12 hour night shift with a 3/4 and 4/3 rotation at a Network Operations center. So I know what your going through with respect to the night shift thang.
    I personally preferred to get a workout in prior to my shift as I felt like I had more energy at that time and I felt it gave me energy throughout the night.
    Additionally, the building I work in was ginormous and on the 9th floor, when I had down time I would walk to the stairs dang near a mile walk and then I'd take the stairs down and back up a few time at that.
    I also had resistance bands and a 25 pound dumbbell that I would use to get a little exercise in. Oh I also had an AB wheel, used correctly those things ain't no joke.
    My suggestion is just get it when you can get it.
    Good luck, you got this.
    P.s. I also sucked down a lot of Monster energy drinks and B complex.
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    Hi! Im in a 12hr night shift job as a laboratory staff too. I agree that its better to workout before starting the shift as well. Time management is key.
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    12 hour night shift nurse here, I do my three 12 hour days in a row so I skip the gym on those days. May sound bad but I am totally worn down and going to the gym wouldn't give me energy. I used to only go down the stairs but I have been trying to go up them more as well. I also started doing "beeping rounds" where if I am not busy I walk the unit and make sure no rooms are beeping... SCDs, IVs etc. So pretty much I try to be more active when I'm at work. Best of luck to you :)
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    I’m not a night shift nurse, I’m on the opposite :) 12 hour day shifts. You guys totally rock my socks!! For everyone that reckons night shift as a nurse is boring I say pfft.

    Ps hi to other nurses!!!!!

    Edited to add: oops I forgot to mention that I work out before my shift. It makes the day extra awesome