At it again

Hello my name is susan and I’m looking for some support , And motivation . I’m on this journey to get healthy and to lose weight in the process. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


  • Lutielu
    Lutielu Posts: 188 Member
    Welcome to myfitnesspal :)
  • Optasia
    Optasia Posts: 24 Member
    Welcome! Best advice I can think of..take it one day at a time!
  • mel35645
    mel35645 Posts: 267 Member
    Welcome! My advice would be to log EVERYTHING even if you are over your calorie goal and stay active on the forums. There are so many knowledge and motivating people on here it really makes a difference.
  • StopTheGroundhog
    StopTheGroundhog Posts: 53 Member
    Welcome! When I think about food and feel like eating, I click onto MFP and browse the community. It's a great distraction and reminds me I'm not alone. :) Good luck!