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Maintainers Weekly Check-In June 2018



  • ryendayryenday Member Posts: 1,542 Member Member Posts: 1,542 Member
    CoachJen71 wrote: »
    Success/Struggles: odd Full time shift (12pm to 8pm) means trying to fit 16:8 IF into weird week day eating schedule- especially since eating heavy meal too late in the day brings back my acid reflux. Trying to find some balance is difficult right now. The hunger demons and light night snack demons are nipping at my heals all the time, now, it seems.

    We could be sisters!! *huge hug"

    I would be proud to claim that relationship! :)
  • kgirlhartkgirlhart Member Posts: 4,075 Member Member Posts: 4,075 Member
    @brightresolve I love this thread because it is so nice to know that there are others who feel the same and who understand those feelings. If you try to explain it to someone who has never lost a lot of weight they usually just don't understand why you aren't happy that you lost the weight. I am happy about that. I just sometimes wish my stomach didn't still seem so big to me.
  • ryendayryenday Member Posts: 1,542 Member Member Posts: 1,542 Member
    @kgirlhart and @brightresolve - I get it. I'm at a healthy weight, and objectively, I look better than most 53 yo - and I'm pretty pleased with my waist and shoulders, but some days all I see is the stocky body with gargantuan thunder thighs. I always wanted to be slim. I spent most of my life curvy but healthy (10 lb into the overweight BMI max) until I ballooned up in the last couple of years.

    Now, I'm about 10lb less than my average adult weight but sometimes, I still see the obese woman who started out last year this time.

    Head games. :(
  • CoachJen71CoachJen71 Member Posts: 1,200 Member Member Posts: 1,200 Member
    @laura9503 I feel your pain as I keep similar hours during the school year. I eat tiny 100-300 calorie "meals," but I stretch them out into snacks every couple of hours. I also eat lighter in the AM to save cals for evening, after I have gotten my steps in.

    (Ignore the high cal days. Either I hiked and ate my bank, or had a compulsive binge. *sigh* )
  • laura9503laura9503 Member Posts: 43 Member Member Posts: 43 Member
    CoachJen71 wrote: »
    @laura9503 I feel your pain as I keep similar hours during the school year. I eat tiny 100-300 calorie "meals," but I stretch them out into snacks every couple of hours. I also eat lighter in the AM to save cals for evening, after I have gotten my steps in.

    (Ignore the high cal days. Either I hiked and ate my bank, or had a compulsive binge. *sigh* )

    Yes that is what I do now as well!! I munch pretty much all day. So fruits and vegg during the day along with plain crackers, light salads and a very light dinner. It can be a struggle but happy this works (for you as well :))!
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,597 Member Member Posts: 1,597 Member
    Name: Lisa
    Age: 54
    Height: 5'2 1/2"
    Total Weight lost: 5 kilos
    Time it took to lose: 3 months
    How long in maintenance: a few years
    Maintenance weight range: 52-54 kilos (around 115-119 lbs)

    Average weight in 2017 estimate- was not doing regular weekly weigh-ins: 56

    Average weight January: 58.9 (highest in 30 years!)
    Average weight in February 56.1 kilos
    Average weight in March 55.5 kilos
    Average weight in April 56.8 kilos
    Average weight in May 56.8 kilos
    Average weight in June 56.7 kilos (125.2 lbs)

    Week of...
    3rd June: 125 lbs
    10th June: 127 lbs
    17th June: 124.5 lbs
    24th June: 124.3 lbs (56.4 kilos)

    Successes of the week:
    -I have been tracking for 2 weeks on MFP.
    -Bought nice encyclopaedic cookbook "How to cook everything" (it's not low cal or low fat nor GF, so I adapt some recipes) and
    -have been reading that at night when I wake up instead of going online to work or read mail. It's much easier to fall back asleep (which is my #1 goal when I wake at night) when reading a book in paper than when looking at things online.
    - I stocked up on lots of basics, as per recommendation in the book : a few more spices, beans, flours, oils, onions, garlic, seeds, nuts, dried fruits.
    - I made a big batch of natural light-ish hummus, using an old recipe I had and froze some of it. I tried a new breakfast recipe this weekend, was not crazy about the results, but find it pleasant and less boring to try new things.
    - The weather is good this weekend and I had a short stroll with a friend. We stopped at a riverside place to have something to drink and split a snack. It was lowkey and pleasant.

    -I still have nice calves (lots of exercise over the years) and my legs are ok. I like my smile lines, crows feet around my eyes. It's pleasant to see that I find some aspects of getting older actually quite attractive.

    -Lost 0.1 kilos this month. (LOL) Better to be stable or extremely slight loss, than in an upward trajectory.

    Struggles of the week:
    -I am still not supposed to be on feet. My new GP (the old wonderful one suddenly retired with no news to patients) is pretty sure I have Morton's neuroma. I need to get an ultrasound (Wednesday) to be sure, and see the specialist (in 8 days), probably to get special insoles. I'm not supposed to walk much until I get them. I can move around, to buy food or go to work, but not "go for a walk" or do activities that require much walking. It hurts only occasionally (an acute but very brief pain very occasionally when I walk a lot).

    -I have not gotten into a mode for replacing my walking exercise by some other activity. Anyone have suggestions? I guess I will probably do swimming and/or join the gym. I have never joined a gym. I don't know if I will really go. I know cycling is also an option, but I will have to see if my knees agree.

    -Lacking exercise feels not great for body and mind.

    -I freshened up my wardrobe getting a few basics this week and am a size up and I am not happy with the look of my arms. I have not gained much, but my middle is thicker ; less muscle mass.

    -Not getting exercise tends to throw off my routine. I find myself less focused on professional projects that need tending to. I sometimes feel more stressed and less energetic.

    Thanks Coach Jen for the shout out and encouragements.
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  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 1,597 Member Member Posts: 1,597 Member
    @Rachelmilloy Thanks for the portable meal tip. I was interested to hear about "healthy liver" diet.

    @laura9503 It sounds like you are on the right track with preparing lots of lowcal snacks. You asked for tips. I'm no more skilled nor knowledgeable than anyone, but for what it's worth, I find it helpful to have protein in each snack and also to calculate in some little breaks. That's an extremely long day, so, if possible, I would aim on making that a short term thing (like 1-3 years max) and not a permanent thing. About 10 years back on Mondays I had to wake at 3:30 catch the train and work till 9pm. I used to bring a thermos of tea and/or herb tea around. That gives quick comfort and filled feeling in no time. I'm not a big water-drinker but I love warm drinks. But if you are good at drinking water that can surely help too. Also, if I know I have long days 1) I tend to burn more calories sometimes by just more basic moving around, so some of the extra calories may well be merited 2) if not, I set my MFP to a lower daily amount, knowing that I will "go over" some days, but don't have to worry about it as I balance out over the week.

    @hesn92 WTG!

    @kgirlhart WTG on staying in maintenance and getting exercise. I wonder if skin can tighten up other than by developing muscle mass to fill it out. I have this issue on my arms and I think the only partial remedy is developing arm muscles.

    @icemom011 Your maintenance range listed is 145-150, but you say you you are at 147 but must go down five.

    @brightresolve I think sometimes crepey skin is not a sign of being heavy, but can even come from losing weight.

    @ryenday WTG Losing 1/2 a pound per week. I hear you on being darn tired. GL on getting to the gym. You and me both.

    @CoachJen71 The proverbial "face or fanny" choice. How kind of you to help your FIL. WTG on all the rest.

    @juliemargaretkim it sounds like you were wise when with family. The scale must be showing partly fluctuation. WTG getting back into shape and on track.

    @Faebert WTG with WO. So sorry to hear about your daughter's wrist.

    @sofchak I can really sympathise. How I relate to others (at work or elsewhere)(feeling like I'm "being seen" and/or valued and esteemed, or visa versa or other) and visa versa can have an effect, for me, on my relation to food.
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  • pkweierpkweier Member Posts: 349 Member Member Posts: 349 Member
    Total Weight lost:200
    Time it took to lose:Started 1/2016
    How long in maintenance:Sept 2017
    Maintenance weight range:140-145
    Average weight recorded from 2017 (12months):

    Average weight recorded from January:
    Average weight recorded from February:134.75
    Average weight recorded from March:132.7
    Average weight recorded from April::131.3
    Average weight recorded from May: 129.6
    Average weight recorded from June: 127.85

    Week of...
    6th May:132.2
    13th May:129.4
    20th May:129.0
    27th May:128

    Week of...
    3rd June 128.8
    10th June 128
    17th June 127.6
    24th June 127
    Success/struggles of the week: Not much to report still chugging along. I do find myself more active now that summer is upon us. I can get out more in the early morning before it gets to hot and humid outside.
  • stephenearllucasstephenearllucas Member Posts: 255 Member Member Posts: 255 Member
    Name: Stephen
    Age: 58
    Height: 6'2"
    Total Weight lost: 77 lbs
    How long in maintenance: 1 year, 5 months
    Maintenance weight range: 180-185

    Average weight recorded from January: 179.5
    Average weight recorded from February: 181.2
    Average weight recorded from March: 182.2
    Average weight recorded from April: 184.0
    Average weight recorded from May: 184.3

    Week of...
    3rd June: 184.1
    10th June: 185.8
    17th June: 186.2
    24th June: 186.5
  • ryendayryenday Member Posts: 1,542 Member Member Posts: 1,542 Member
    Thank you for the July thread, @stephenearllucas ! Have a wonderful vacation!
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