Here we go :)

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I hit my goal weight today :) and I’m super excited!!! Of course now I have new goals specifically toning. I hired a trainer and start with him Monday. I also am an avid runner so not out of shape, just new to weight training. Any tips or suggestions on the next part of my journey???


  • sardelsa
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    Congrats on reaching your goal! If you weren't doing any strength training as you lost weight you definitely want to start now.

    Since you are at goal you probably want to look into recomp. Keep it mind it can be a very slow going process so patience will be key.
    See this thread for more info:
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    Congrats! I encourage you to read the sticky posts in the Maintaining and Gaining/bodybuilding forums. Lots of tips and solid advice there!
  • jennacole12
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    Thank you both!! I lost primarily by running and I do occasionally follow the blogilates videos but I’ve never been strictly focused on any type of weight training. I tend to go to cardio every time I’m in the gym but, I would like to branch out and start seeing some definition. I will check out both of your suggestions ;)