Anyone know if cycling better than running for sedimentary person just getting started?

I have started walking one to three miles a day. I am trying to see if running or biking would be better for me to get started. I wanted to do running, but I am having issue finding shoes. I was told I have a supine step with a very low arch. That is why I was looking into biking, but I am not sure what would be better.
Does anyone else have that kind of gate I have? Are there any recommendations for shoes?

Thank you if anyone can help.


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    Did your Dr. give you some recos for your gait? I'm asking because if you stood on that machine at Wally world, I don't know how accurate that is. You didn't say why you want to run but I find doing too many activities right out of the chute can overwhelm your body. Are you doing this for weight loss?
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    better for what?

    if you want to be able to run 5k then the best thing to do is run, if you want to be able to cycle 10 miles then the best thing to do is cycle.

    if its just general fitness then whichever you enjoy more, or both!

    you need to have gait analysis where someone watches you run, we cant do that. i can tell you what shoes i love, that are great for my feet, but that wont help you.
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    I'd say cycling is miles better. It has much less impact on your body, And if you are doing it for calorie burn it is right up there with running, but much more fun. Go for it!

    By all means add some running, as you progress and become fitter. A mixture of activities helps with recovery and gives the opportunity to exercise more often. Add swimming too.
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    I have flat feet and need a really good "stability" type of running shoe.

  • jorichards2
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    I would give cycling a go first, especially if you’re carrying extra weight. It’s more gentle on your joints and the arches in your feet. If you build your fitness and muscle strength with cycling first you can then give a sofa to 5k program ago and see how running suits you.
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    Whichever one you enjoy doing the most and will stick with.
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    which ever one you are most likely to stick with. Running is a lot harder on the body, but cheaper ... Cycling, easier as you get to rest on downhills and cycling slowely you can get a full recovery, where as running slowely still requires effort .. but cycling can get expensive with the cost of the bike and maintenance.

    I do both .... I cant run everyday as it would tear me apart, so I alternate between running and cycling
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    Do what you enjoy. I prefer running to cycling as my hips get sore when I cycle long enough for a good workout. If you do run, start slow. You are not running in a race..just increase your gait from a walk to a jog ...not a full run
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    I like to run before the sun comes up so I feel that it is safer to run. After the sun comes up in the summer heat I like to ride my bike so I can take in the breeze.
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    why not both?
  • h1udd
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    why not both?

    and throw in swimming
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    A few things to consider with cycling, some people can't get past the butt soreness initially and tend to try softer seats. If you want to start cycling go to your local bike shop and ask questions. They can fit you with a bike. You're better off starting with a higher quality beginner bike than picking up Walmart bike. Start slowly so you don't overdo it and never go back to it because you hated it. I think the same is also true for running. Go easy at first, get yourself acclimated. Biking is easier on the joints and you can get a similar workout to running. Also wearing a helmet isimportant. IMO biking is more of a fun activity than running and feels less like working out. You can add in hills as you get fitter too, if you live in such an area. And like someone said once you get more fit you can add in a running/cycling routine if you find you enjoy.
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    You would need to define better for you as they are different.

    Cycling is better for me as my injured knees don't tolerate impact and running in particular at all well - a mile of running causes me far more knee pain than 100 miles of cycling but I don't have normal knees (missing a couple of important bits!).

    An advantage of cycling when starting out on the road to fitness is that it's very easy to moderate your effort level whereas I've always struggled to run slowly.

    I'm a big fan of "try everything" though. When you find the one (or more) thing that you really enjoy it becomes a long term part of your life rather than a short term fix.

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    I started walking and running again. I used to run often and enjoy it. Sadly, I learned the hard way, and did too much too soon for my body. Right knee is hurting so cycling is better at first I think. Overall better for joints too, but I enjoy running and being outside so hope to again soon! Neutral gait and slightly higher arches (Fleet Feet stores have this fancy machine like a 3D model) Activity is great! Calorie wise running burns more faster but I thinking cycling does too if on the road vs stationary. But, not an expert here. Spinning class not for me also hot yoga. Love regular yoga. So yeah depends on what you like and go for it!