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The struggle is REAL and I need to get my groove back

GeekMomof2GeekMomof2 Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
*This is round 3 (or 4 ... 5 ... seriously the struggle is real!) for me. I can't get into my old account, so I'm starting over (sorry old MFP friends! It's not you! It's me!!). In the past, MFP was the only thing that I could stick to ... but then life gets in the way, ruins my groove, stresses me to the point of breaking ... and I'm off the wagon!

Old habits NEVER die. (Why won't they die?)

I recognize a few things. I need to learn to deal with stress better (seriously, you would think that by my 40s I would have that under control by now!). I need to find exercise I like and integrate it into my life (My back! Knees! Come on body!!). I need to gain control of my eating again (seriously ... I really really do). So this is why I'm here. I want MFP to be a habit again. I am committed to logging in, entering my food (good/bad/ugly), and supporting others who are here. Problem ... I need is a support network to check in with. I really want a support team that knows the struggle is real. No preaching, no high pressure sales, no crazy diet plans, no cleanses ... just honest support.

So if you know the struggle is real and want a supportive friend, add me!

*With Backstreet Boys' song Everybody running though my head ... GeekMom's back alright ... Oh my god, I'm back again ...


  • emmies_123emmies_123 Posts: 283Member Member Posts: 283Member Member
    Welcome back =) Just remember one step at a time, don't make your fitness journey another stress in your life!
  • KLC3354KLC3354 Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    Welcome, I'm just getting back here myself, good luck.
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