Petite ladies and calories

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My train of thought, if you are say 5ft and there about, surely it stands to reason that you don't need as many calories per day as someone of medium height or a tall person. Why then won't mfp allow anyone's calorie goal to go below 1200, I know they say that is the minimum anyone needs. Was wondering if any other petites on mfp regularly eat less than 1200 and have no ill affects.


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    I am 5'2.
    Just between 7a - 430p, I have usually ate that.
    but I try to stay pretty active during the day as well.
    Why would anyone want to eat below that?
    I really don't think height plays a role here.
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    boehle wrote: »
    I really don't think height plays a role here.

    Height definitely plays a role here, bigger body = more energy required to make it function.

    As for OP's question, here my very personal opinion but I am not an expert on the matter: I am also 5'1 and was wondering the same, so I made a little research and found that the main issue with eating under 1,200 kcal a day is that it is very hard to get enough nutrients and vitamins under that amount. Plus, it seems like taking vitamin supplements might not be the answer after all, since it wouldn't get absorbed by the body the same way as vitamins coming from regular food.

    So morale of the story for myself = if I wanted to go under 1,200 kcal I'd be very careful to eat highly nutritive foods or not going under that amount two many times a week.

    Edited : it's way better to eat more and then move a little to burn it, both for the body and the soul ! Living under 1,200 kcal is no life to me :D
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    I’m 5’5, so quite a bit taller, and my calorie target according to MFP is 1310 calories, so anyone much shorter than me is likely to need fewer than 1200 calories, or have to take a lot longer to lose the weight.
    Regarding 1200 not providing enough nutrients, I don’t hold with that argument. A smaller person will need proportionally fewer nutrients. The recommended amounts of nutrients we should be getting must be based on a ‘average’ person or be based on a ‘standard 2000 calorie intake’. A very small person won’t need as much as a large person.
    And most people don’t get sufficient nutrients on a higher calorie intake.
    I’d say try to focus on a nutrient dense diet and aim to come in under the 1200.
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    I'm 5 foot nothing and my intake is 1200. This is my second go around on MFP. I've lost 7.4lbs in 40 days. There are days i eat less than 1200 and some days more. Personal experience, 1200 works for me
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    But I think that 1200 is the minimum for small women. Us large women shouldn't eat that little. I lose at 2000. My absolute minimum would probably 1600.
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    I am 5'3,
    I used a calorie calculator and at my height and weight it told me my intake should be
    Calorie 1'165,
    Protein 122
    Carbs 38
    Fat 58 and
    Fiber 22-29
    I am loosing about 1 lb. a week.