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What's your thoughts on quorn, I'd like to give up red meat. Is it a good substitute


  • janejellyroll
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    I've never tried it myself, but I know plenty of people who enjoy it. Whether or not it is a good substitute will depend on how much you like it. If there are specific things you are wanting nutritionally besides protein (things like iron, B vitamins, potassium, etc), you'll want to check Quorn's label to see how it matches up on that stuff. That way you'll know to plan to eat other things to meet those needs if Quorn doesn't have them and red meat was a key source for you.
  • MushroomLadyJR
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    I eat it all the time, it's a decent price and pretty tasty (although the ordinary frozen sausages are just plain sad).

    Gram for gram I doubt it has the same protein as red meat but it's still a suitable lean protein source.
  • pinggolfer96
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    Why not just eat every protein source except red meat? Pork, seafood, chicken, turkey...etc
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    It is okay tasting. I don't eat red meat either but love white meat and find it much tastier than any meat substitutes. Are you giving up white meat as well?
  • braves3134
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    I’ve started a pescatarian diet (no meat besides fish/seafood) and started using the quorn “chicken” patties for sandwiches and love them. I saw someone above mention sausage. Morning Star “sausage” is a good meatless substitute for breakfast. Just my humble opinion lol
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    If you have the Gardein brand in any stores near you I would recommend it. Quorn is good but Gardein has more variety.
  • saragd012
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    I like some Quorn products, mostly the small tenders because they are an easy/quick source of vegetarian protein to throw into pasta dishes. I tend to prefer morning star for things like burgers and "meatballs" but my SO actually likes Quorn burgers the best. I've been vegetarian for 11 year so for me I'd much prefer a spicy black bean patty or a Mediterranean patty, over something that is meant to mimic meat, but my SO is not vegetarian so she enjoys the more meat-like options. Try a few different brands and see what works for you.
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    Quorn is a beautiful place in the Southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia......

    Oops wrong Quorn hee hee.
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    I enjoyed the taste, but not all the products are vegan and contain eggs (I have an allergy). I prefer Gardein, plus they go on sale a lot!
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    I personally like Gardein better, but many people enjoy Quorn. Why not pick some up and try it?