Being healthy during the summer

I have 3 teens with autism. I live in AK so the days are incredibly long and very short nights.

Also, am not always able to go sleep very early in the summer time.

I am finding it so much harder to work out with my kids around.

Any ideas?


  • Do you usually workout at home or do you travel to a gym?
  • VUA21
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    "Playing" is great exercise. Depending on where they lie on the spectrum - find activities to do with them. I have a neice that is on the far left end of the spectrum (low functional) and a neighbor's son on the further right end (functional) - we play 'Dance Dance Revolution' on my XBOX when I watch either of them. With my neice we'll also play "butterflies" (she's obsessed with them) so I made some fairy wings for us and we just run around outside with the wings on. My nephew loves to see how things work, so we build stuff - I do all the heavy lifting (ie - workout), while we build the most random things. Last year we built a trebuchet and went to a pumpkin chunkin' event.

    I also take them on my evening walk, I do that every night so the structure of doing the same thing every day is beneficial to them (and myself).
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    I usually workout at home. Also, with three, one is high functioning and the other two are lower, it's hard taking them out by myself.

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    I can't help with the teens, but if you invest in good blackout blinds/curtains, you will sleep better and have more energy during the day. Close the blinds a good 30 minutes before you want to sleep and stop any screen time an hour before you want to sleep.