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I'm a casual user of MFP. use it for a month, then not use for months, then use for a month or so etc.

I've picked it up again more and more in the last couple of months because I keep losing and gaining the same couple of kg. I'm only about 5ish kg off where I would like to be (have lost around 22) and its been such a rocky start to the year.

A week ago I changed things up, I am doing a bit more strength training (upper body 2x a week, lower body 2x a week) with a cardio/HIIT workout on the 5th day and a rest day. I am also running more as I am training for a half marathon in November. I've also been tracking closely what I've been eating as well, and aimed for around a 1000 calorie deficit - that gave me a buffer for my fitbit overestimating my calories burned, and me underestimating what I ate.

My first week was so disappointing. I gained 0.6kg! my body fat percentage stayed the same - though that's not a very accurate measurement. Going by clothing etc I definitely feel like I've lost a little in the last couple of weeks because clothing feels loose but damn those scales. Its probably water weight, I had a salty meal the night before weigh in, and a beer but its so deflating.

So I am only going to weigh in once a month, I will let clothing and measurements be my guide. I WILL NOT BE A SLAVE TO THE SCALES. so why does it keep bothering me so much??


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    Although I weigh every morning, naked and after a visit to the loo, I'm not a slave to the scale. I gain much insight to the effects my diet and exercise have on my weight and its fluctuations. More info to tweak my program for maximum progress. But, all in all, I'm just interested in the downward trend.
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    The scale is only a feedback machine. But unfortunately weight loss feedback isn’t all that specific. Like you mention, all it takes is a salty meal, and the measurements are thrown off. And salt intake is only one way to get water retention.

    As a friend says- We eventually get the weigh in we deserve, but not necessarily when we expect it.