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does anyone use this service for meal planning? thoughts?

i'm pretty good at tracking food and logging - but my next step is to get better at meal planning - i do struggle with it however and someone recommended this site in another thread


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    I love it and we have been using since Jan 2 2018. I take their recipes and copy/paste as a manual recipe into MFP then log servings. My diary is open if you want to see meals I eat. After we 2 eat the 4 or 8 servings, there's very little repetition from week to week. I've been using it for planning and have dropped from 333 to 249 lb.

    In the past, I'd get diet fatigue after a few months and a little success because the planning was hard or the repetition was monotonous. With PJ we have mostly fresh meat and vegetables in our grocery basket. We've tried a lot of things that were new to us like fennel, lamb, or diced cucumber in guacomole. It may be our profile settings, but all the recipes are very pure and healthy. At least half of them call for fresh herbs. I'm a flavor-lover and it hits my spot.

    I have no affiliation to platejoy and am a full paying customer, but regularly praise them here on the forums because they are really helping me overcome past obstacles. I don't consider myself on a diet, instead I'm learning to live a healthy lifestyle and PJ is helping me do that.

    We are a mid-60s working couple and used to eat out 2-3 times per week. Except for my weekly subway salad lunch, since PJ's recipes are so good we go out 1-2 times per month and did take-out only once this year. So we save the $100 annual many times over by avoiding $40 restaurant dinners.
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    Looks interesting