Stopped logging for 2 months and gained 10 pounds

Well, looks like I am back. Left MFP for two months and gained 10 pounds steadily. Thought I could stop logging like some that have reached goal weight but I just can’t do it so back to logging.

I found that whenever I stop logging food I stop restricting myself and begin eating to my heart’s content.


  • netitheyeti
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    I stopped logging for about 4 years, gained back a good 40lbs
    Mind you, I did recently just spend close to 2 months barely logging and I didn't gain any weight, I appear to have lost a tiny bit.. but I probably would have lost more with careful tracking
    At least you caught it at 10lbs! :)
  • strongerbytheday
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    Been there, done that!!!
  • kittybenn
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    Been there for sure. About two years and 86 lbs (lost) ago I decided to never stick my head in the sand again. I've tried ignoring and, man, that does not work. I'm here every single day, logging and reading the messages, especially NSVs (love that). I've gone through two-month plateaus, and it's super frustrating, but I always ask myself what the alternative could possibly be? Giving up? Having to lose this weight all over again? That sounds a whole lot worse than logging my food every day. Best of luck to you!
  • swimmchick87
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    wenrob wrote: »
    If I’m not logging I need to be weighing myself on a regular basis. If I’m not weighing myself it’s because I KNOW I’m eating too much. It’s this weird form of denial that I’m totally aware of. Ideally I need to be doing both but if I’m not feeling logging keeping an eye on the scale has to happen. Otherwise, for me, it’s a downhill slide.

    Same here. I avoid the scale like the plague when I know I'm overeating.

    OP, good thing it was only 10 pounds!
  • nowine4me
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    Back atcha. I tried and failed recently too. Gained 7.
  • Panini911
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    yes whenever i stop logging in gain weight. I lost 100lbs twice and was creeping back up for a third time. Luckily I managed to get back into gear with only about 30lbs to loose this time.

    will need to remain with mfp on an ongoing basis I think. Even if not logging daily I need to do some "daily or weekly check-ins" to see wher I am at and do a better job at regular weigh-in (like every 2-4 weeks max so I can catch any "oops" at a few pds and go back to logging more accurately again).

    I found that my portions increase by tiny bits daily and then 6 months later I am back to "large portions".