Your yoga journey/timeline

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Hello guys,

So, I know yoga isn't about the poses you can get into, but I do love seeing before and afters. I tried searching on instagram under different tags, but most of the results are of long time yogi's. I'm looking for day 1 vs day 100 picts.

I know everyone is different, but I'd love it if you guys can tell me how long it took you to see a change in the following poses forward fold, splits (not technically a pose, I think), yogi squat, lizard pose, standing bow pose and half downward dog.

I'm on day 50 and I'm not sure if I'm getting better at them or if it's just my imagination I know yoga is something that you have to work on and it could take me months to see improvement in my poses, but is there any poses that's fairly easy to see changes in? I'm not trying to become an Instagram yogi all I want is to sit down on my heels for longer than 3 seconds.

To those of you who practice yoga for the spiritual aspect it might seem like a silly post, but seeing changes and getting into new positions will keep me motivated to get to that point where it's not about the poses anymore.

Right now I'm only doing yoga and I understand it's not a big enough cardio burn to see dramatic weight loss, but are there any MFP members who mostly do yoga as their workout?


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    I think it depends on where you started. I saw big and continuous improvements in all poses that require flexibility in the hamstings over only a couple of months but my hamstrings tend to be the tightest muscles in my body. In oppostion I almost never notice any improvement in poses like pigeon as my hips have always been pretty flexible.
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    In addition to what @tracybear86 said (which I agree with) keep in mind there are MANY different kinds of yoga. The studio I go to offers at least 8 different types that I can think of right off hand. They all have different purposes and vary greatly.

    As you said though, it really takes time, consistency and practice. Your flexibility and balance will increase the more you practice as will your breathing techniques.
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    I agree with both previous posters. Every person is different as far as where they will see the most progress with their practice, and there are so many types of practices out there. When I first began I could barely touch my toes in forward fold. Now I can spin my elbows out and tuck my hands back under my feet. It's a very yummy stretch. What I am most pleased with is the progress with my breathing. I used to hold my breath a lot because I was focusing far too much in getting the pose "right". I feel like the better connection to my breath helps my body relax better into poses which in turn aids in gaining flexibility.

    I'm certain that I will never look like 98% of the yogis on Instagram, and that's ok. What 3 years of yoga has given me is far more valuable. I love myself and my body more, I love those around me more, I find joy and beauty in things that I used to never give notice to, I'm more connected to our earth.

    Good luck to you and namaste <3<3
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    I have been doing yoga for 4 years and there are still Poses I cannot do. Because of tight Achilles I cannot get my heels down all the way but I have seen great improvement in what I can do. Bow pose is a challenge but I can do a great head stand. I have very bad knees (running injuries) and yoga has helped with balance. For me it’s also about the calming aspect of it. When work is stressful I can count on yoga to help with that stress. Dont get discouraged by those videos. Enjoy it. Namaste
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    Stick with it & always remember to breathe... the more often you can squeeze in yoga the more benefit you will see. Don’t force yourself into any position just go as far as you can comfortably then just concentrate on your breathing, breathing into the pose is what makes you more flexible over time. Stick with it and enjoy it 😄
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    every one has a different journey. some will find a pose easier than another. i have a student that can do very complicated thing, but has a hard time with the "basics"
    i know a teacher who lives the yoga life but the splits (hanuman) evades her.
    so on your journey, focus on your breathing-be consistent and don't hold it, focus on your alignement to avoid stress on your joints, know it's not a straight line-some days you will be able to nail a pose and other days it might be a struggle. go slow, be gentle, find the joy, and explore all the limbs of yoga-not just the poses

    my yoga is in the air. i find it easier on my body with an autoimmune i have. it's weird to see how far i've come
    from one of my first classes

    from this month